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A Ditoo

The Ditoo is a computer-shaped pixel art bluetooth speaker.
It has since been superseded by the Ditoo-Plus, which adds colored keyboard backlighting.


Product flag 46
Resolution 16x16
Input 5V 2A
Keyboard backlighting Non-colored
Source: Personal notes

DEMO units

DEMO units are like regular units, but they power on and off when plugged and unplugged.
I know nothing about these, unfortunately. If you work at a store, please send us info!

Factory test mode

The factory test mode is activated by holding the mode (m) key, then powering on the device.
It will start playing the startup music, then cut off partway through and go to the first screen.

  1. Displays the firmware version. Press menu to proceed.
  2. White screen. Press menu to proceed.
  3. Red screen. Press menu to proceed.
  4. Green screen. Press menu to proceed.
  5. Blue screen. Press menu to proceed.
  6. Slow-moving white diagonal stripes. Press menu to proceed.
  7. Battery indicator. Press menu to proceed.
  8. White number "1". Press up (+) to proceed.
  9. Red number "2". Press the lighting (sun) key to proceed.
  10. Green (teal?) number "3". Press left to proceed.
  11. Blue number "4". Press down (-) to proceed.
  12. Yellow number "5". Press right to proceed.
  13. Blue number "6". Press lever to proceed.
  14. Robot (?) appears on screen, and machine echoes microphone input. Press menu to proceed.
  15. USB connection indicator shows up. Plug it in and press menu to proceed.
  16. A Micro SD card indicator.