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A Ditoo-Plus

The Ditoo-Plus is the successor to the Ditoo, released in early 2021.
It is probably mostly the same as the Ditoo, but it would be good to look into it more.


It is impossible to purchase the Ditoo-Plus from Divoom directly at the moment
Divoom only sells the "Ditoo", and there's apparently a ~1/3 chance of getting a Ditoo-Plus, since they need to rid themselves of the old stock.
Divoom used to market all Ditoos with the RGB keyboard, but they have since corrected this on the marketing page.
Despite Divoom marketing their Ditoo with an RGB keyboard nowadays, they're still getting rid of their old stock.


Product flag 60 42
Resolution 16x16
Input 5V 2A
Keyboard backlighting Colored!
Source: Personal notes