I am doing this for fun, but assistance for the project would be greatly appreciated.
There are a couple of ways to contribute. Some contributions are harder than others.
Contributions can be sent to, or in #revoom on Libera Chat via IRC.
Note that when contributing, you must agree to license your contributions as CC0 (more info).

Why not a wiki?

I love wikis, but I have no clue how I would maintain one.
Plus, lots of submissions are protocol captures and files. Not just information and media.

Firmware version information

This website has a product flags page.
Anybody with a Divoom Aura series device can contribute.
Send me the firmware version and FCC ID of your device.
This will help map different firmwares to different devices.

The firmware version is available in the app: Settings -> About.
(Some devices display the firmware version in the factory test mode as well.)
The FCC ID is located on a sticker on the bottom of the device.

Generic info & device notes

If there are any information missing for a device, send it my way.
Most devices are not properly documented, so information is appreciated.

Photography of devices is also appreciated, especially if there is no photo on it's page.
All photos must be CC0 (more info) to avoid copyright issues.
If it can be cropped to a 1:1 aspect ratio and have a resolution of 512x512px or greater, I'd appreciate it.

You will be credited for your work on the website unless you request otherwise.

Device issues

If you have an issue with your device, send me a video (or good description) of it.
If you (or support) has fixed an issue with your device, tell me how they resolved it.
(Besides helping me learn about the device, it can help others solve the problem!)

Protocol captures

Protocol captures are always useful!
For web captures, my favourite tool is Charles, but anything works.
Be sure to remove sensitive information (e.g., and re-authenticate to invalidate your token.
The more interesting things you do, the better. No need for SSL proxying, Divoom uses HTTP for most endpoints.

Bluetooth captures are also very useful. Bluetooth documentation is not a direct goal of the project, but it's still fun.
Just be sure to send me the device's FCC ID and firmware version, as well as the Android app version.
Taking a video of what you are doing (or telling me what you did in order) would be useful as well.

Android allows users to take a Bluetooth HCI snoop log. For more information, see this Stack Overflow answer.

Task completion

Tasks on the to-do list that don't have a gear (Work in progress) icon are available.
I do not expect anyone to take them on, but if you're up for it, let me know!

Proprietary data

If there is any proprietary data which may be useful to me (firmware, datasheets, etc), do the right thing and delete it.
Under no circumstances should you encrypt it with my PGP key and send it to me. That would be illegal!

Examples of what not to send me


I have no idea what I am doing, and very little reverse-engineering experience.
If I am doing something wrong, or made any mistakes on this website, please let me know.


I do not accept donations for this project. If I make significant progress, I'll consider it.