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The divoom-gz.com, www.divoom-gz.com and m.divoom-gz.com domains seem to point to the same locations.
Some endpoints are also available on f.divoom-gz.com, wea.divoom-gz.com, pr.divoom-gz.com etc. but it varies.
AFAIK, none of these are served by the app.divoom-gz.com domain.
Many files here are also served by both the and Divoom servers.
Little is known about this, not all are accessible from all locations, some return errors... it's all over the board.



Sets the location to the following URL: http://www.divoom-gz.com/version.php/login/last_page/index.html
Shows the following IP address:
Shows the ICP (Internet Content Provider) number: 17064448


Automatically redirects to /version.php/login/last_page/index.html
Specifying a custom url (e.g. /version.php/test) will redirect to something like /version.php/login/last_page/test.html.
Google Translate says the text at the top left says "Welcome to log in to the background management interface platform".
Regular Divoom logins don't work here, so yeah... it's definitely for staff.


A full list of scraped articles is available on the Articles page.

Shows an article, given an "ArticleID" value in the GET request.
Most are reposts of YouTube reviews (example) and some are events (example).
Event posts tend to consist of a bunch of images loaded from the file endpoint.
There is also some JavaScript in the pages which I've not looked into.
It's worth mentioning that the version from has a nicer stylesheet (example).


Seems to just return the number "1".


Works on some endpoints.
Returns the following message: {"ReturnCode":1,"ReturnMessage":"ERROR: upFile is not set !!"}
I have no clue what this is for or how this works.


I don't know what this does either.
Returns the following message: {"ReturnCode":1,"ReturnMessage":"ERROR: file isn't exist !!"}


Requested by the app via wea.divoom-gz.com

Request (GET values)

It returns all sorts of temperature and weather information, plus the timezone offset (seconds), area name, etc.


Requested by the app via wea.divoom-gz.com

Request (GET values)

Weather forecast information? I have no clue how to read it.


File storage for Divoom.
Served from f.divoom-gz.com but can be requested from any domain.
Files can be directly requested, or obtained via /Cloud/GetFileData

URL structure:


Contains all sorts of random stuff.